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"Open framework that encourages convention over configuration, using C# code,
not XML files, to model at the right level of abstraction and achieve deadlines.
...but also has a full Linq provider, and syncs the schema for you!"



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Signum Framework 2.0 Released!

Major Improvements:

  • Signum.Web: Brand new library for simplifying writing web applications of Signum Entities, using ASP.Net MVC, Razor, jQuery and jQuery UI.
  • Fast Fast Fast: Lots of improvements in performance, especially concerning LINQ queries and saving entities.
  • More powerful LINQ provider: Better inheritance support, extension points, etc...
  • Improved Search Window: Add and remove columns and multiply results by collections (both in Windows and Web)
  • New look in Signum Windows
  • Zillion tiny changes to make writing code more pleasant

Change log

Download now on codeplex | See Source code in

Tutorials in codeproject | Sample application (in construction)

What is SignumFramework?

Signum Framework is the new Open Source framework from Signum Software for writing data-centric applications over the latest Microsoft technologies: .Net 4.0, C# 4.0, WPF, ASP.Net MVC.

It provides a consistent model for N-layer architectures by moving the entities to the very center of your solution using Signum.Entities.

Our cutting-edge ORM, Signum.Engine, has one of the first full LINQ Providers implemented outside Microsoft offices.

Signum.Windows dramatically simplifies giving a WPF user interface to your entities. Also, Signum.Web an ASP.Net MVC version of the same idea is around the corner.

Main Features:
  • Entities-first approach
  • ORM with a full LINQ Provider
  • Unified validation
  • Schema generation (and sync)
  • WPF smart-client interface
  • ASP.Net MVC web interface (working on it...)

  • Promote simple and clean code, avoiding astronautical architectures
  • Favour compile-time checked C# over error-prone XML configurations
  • Create a solid foundation for the integration of application modules (on schema, BL and UI code)
  • Encourage a more functional way of programming
  • Avoid code duplication at any cost
  • Be a good citizen wherever we are (.Net, LINQ, WPF, ASP.Net MVC) following common practices and conventions

Signum Framework currently works fine with Sql Server 2005/2008 (express editions or greater).


Questions & Answers:
We use Codeplex Discussion as our support platform, feel free to ask any questions in there.

Take a look to the FAQ, and remember there's a Discuss link in every single page on the wiki (upper-right corner).

Report Bugs:
If you find a bug or any other kind of issue in our code base go to CodePlex issue tracking.

This is an open source project, there are many ways you can collaborate: Write some tutorials at CodeProject, translate the documentation, localize exception messages... any help will be appreciated. If you want to collaborate in any way, you can make your own branch from the source code in

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